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About Us

SHAD Creative Education (SCE) was started on December 17, 2011 by SHAD Tirur with the help of many Industry Professionals from around the world. Our goal is to provide the most Comprehensive and High quality training for Architects, Engineers, Designers and Students to produce Stunning, photo-realistic Computer Animations, Renderings, Presentations and International Standard Engineering Drawings.

SCE Students are trained to cope with industry standards by providing disciplined coaching and constant encouragement to achieve excellence. We lay emphasis on bringing out the vibrant intrinsic and extrinsic talents of every individual. You will also develop a Professional Portfolio that will help you stand out when interviewing with employers.


To be the best instiller of creative and innovative knowledge and transform the vision into reality. Our roadmap is designed to empower every individual, to create a better opportunity for themselves and for their industries.


Our mission is to create competent, capable and dynamic professionals who take training based learning to the next level. We are a team of professionals dedicated to build quality to your training with soft skill enhancement. We offer superior & sophisticated programs that are at the cutting edge in Training & Development. These programs are globally recognized and are tailor cut and designed to redefine professional paradigms in the Human Resource Sector.


Our Team is your Team. When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward.

CEO Notes

The Golden Era of Construction and Digital Media have gained momentum. A decade back when the industry was very nascent, SHAD explored the potential of Digital Media and we knew this will be the future. Understanding the pre-requisites and the infrastructure for setting up a curriculum that remains future proof was the challenge then and also now. Today, the tireless zeal and enthusiasm we have for the Digital Media industry has armed with our sense to the latest trends in the industry in India and Middle East. This is why, our curriculum is very relevant and industry specific.

Our curriculum is crafted to ensure that you learn technologies that are in global standards. All the courses offer a hands-on experience, which has given a steep learning curve not only for the most talented students but also to the most average ones.

SHAD Tirur

Architect / Creative Director